MAC Boys Basketball All-Time Scorers

///MAC Boys Basketball All-Time Scorers
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List is for all 1,000 point scorers in the history of the MAC through the end of the 2017-18 season. Players must have played at least 2 years in the MAC to qualify for the list. Special thanks to Dave Knapke for sharing and updating this list for use on the website.

MAC Boys Basketball All-Time Scorers

1. Justin AhrensVersailles2,0462018
2. Kyle GehleVersailles1,7442004
3. Greg KahligFort Recovery1,7272010
4. Ryan UhlenhakeSt. Henry1,6921997
5. Kyle AhrensVersailles1,6662015
5. Evan EschmeyerNew Knoxville1,5421993
6. Ryan MikesellSt. Henry1,5402015
8. Elijah KahligFort Recovery1,3922014
9. Dustin SommerMinster1,3752003
10. Gary JonesMarion Local1,3651981
11. Chuck StahlSt. Henry1,3361980
12. Wade GelhausFort Recovery1,3022013
13. Tyler MescherMarion Local1,2982018
14. Jeff EschmeyerNew Knoxville1,2871997
15. Mike BertkeMarion Local1,2691986
16. Curtis GeiseDel. St. John's1,2652013
17. Carson MangerNew Bremen1,2442015
18. Scott ElwerDel. St. John's1,2051992
19. Josh FisherParkway1,1922009
20. Mike KoesterColdwater1,1881986
21. P.J. SeiterMinster1,1851996
22. Joe ShardoVersailles1,1842005
23. Tony DuesColdwater1,1831990
24. Bob LeveretteFort Recovery1,1791995
25. Kyle SchroerNew Knoxville1,1781990
26. Ross StieneckerNew Knoxville1,1572007
27. Fred SommerMinster1,1561977
28. Steve JettinghoffDel. St. John's1,1341990
29. Greg GrothausDel. St. John's1,1271998
30. Dane SommerMinster1,1232005
31. Pat DroeschSt. Henry1,1141990
32. Tom HowellNew Bremen1,1111986
33. Ron BoekeMinster1,1071976
34. Mike WilliamsDel. St. John's1,1061988
35. Rick AlbersMinster1,1051984
36. Chris BihnFort Recovery1,1031987
36. Dennis WendelSt. Henry1,1031998
38. Greg McGillvaryMendon-Union1,1001976
39. Chris StuckeSt. Henry1,0991983
40. Nate KlausDel. St. John's1,0972003
41. Eric GoodwinMendon-Union1,0961988
42. Cory EyinkMarion Local1,0902001
43. Scott SteinemanNew Bremen1,0892007
44. Marcus BorgerdingNew Knoxville1,0862003
45. Mike PostSt. Henry1,0851979
46. Todd BoeckmanSt. Henry1,0752003
47. Rocky KlausDel. St. John's1,0692000
48. Miciah CoxFort Recovery1,0632017
49. Kurt HuelsmanSt. Henry1,0622006
50. Chuck BihnFort Recovery1,0602000
51. Mike PohlmanMarion Local1,0561995
52. Bob HoyingSt. Henry1,0511991
53. Steve HartingsMarion Local1,0491976
54. Dustan KruseNew Knoxville1,0362006
54. Austin BrunsColdwater1,0362013
56. Mark SnyderParkway1,0302006
57. Tyler NiekampFort Recovery1,0242003
58. Ron ReinekeNew Knoxville1,0191993
59. Eric LefeldColdwater1,0182010
60. Greg HeitkampMinster1,0171984
60. Jon EckertNew Bremen1,0171998
62. Paul KaiserSt. Henry1,0001995
List is for all 1,000 point scorers in the history of the MAC through end of 2017-18 season.

* Active Player

Players must have played at least 2 years in the MAC to qualify for the list. 3-pointers started in 1987-88 season. Prior to 1979-80, football schools played 18 games and other schools played 20 games. From 1979-1980 to 2011-12, all schools played 20 games in a season. Starting in 2012-13, all schools could play 22 games in a season. Mendon closed in 1992. Delphos St. John's joined the MAC in 1983. Versailles joined the MAC in 2001-2002

Compiled by Dave Knapke

Pre-MAC Boys Basketball All-Time Scorers

1. Bob HowellMendon-Union1,6481968
2. Jim OppermanNew Bremen1,5531957
3. Mike GriggsMendon-Union1,5241974
4. Alan KortokraxDel. St. John's1,4821983
5. Jack KillDel. St. John's1,4531970
6. Ken HeibyFort Recovery1,4181969
7. Jason TurnerVersailles1,3931997
8. Lee KatterheinrichNew Knoxville1,3731962
9. Kevin DilworthFort Recovery1,3631973
10. Paul StammenSt. Henry1,3571954
11. Jack KuckNew Knoxville1,3421949
12. Dave ShmelzerDel. St. John's1,3391949
13. Jack WissmanNew Bremen1,2321970
14. Tim BargaVersailles1,1971976
15. Barney AltmanDel. St. John's1,1931954
16. Tom BryanFort Recovery1,1661967
17. Bob FielyFort Recovery1,1511952
18. Jason ShardoVersailles1,1452000
19. Greg MorrisonParkway1,1341974
20. Gene KlausDel. St. John's1,1211963
21. Dick HonigfordDel. St. John's1,1101950
22. Jack RomerSt. Henry1,1101955
23. Larry PrengerMinster1,1071958
24. Hal SchoenFort Recovery1,1061959
25. Bruce HogeNew Knoxville1,0681969
26. Dale PearsonFort Recovery1,0551954
27. Vern HoyingSt. Henry1,0511967
28. Bob BrunsSt. Henry1,0361952
29. Tom ThiemanNew Bremen1,0301957
30. Dave WilliamsFort Recovery1,0251961
31. Bob KruseNew Knoxville1,0131972
32. Jim SchoenFort Recovery1,0091963
List is for all 1,000 point scorers from all MAC schools (including Mendon-Union) before the MAC was established or before schools became members of the MAC. The MAC was established in 1973-74; Delphos St. John's joined in 1982-83; Versailles joined in 2001-2002. This list includes players with only 1 year in the MAC.