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2019 OHSAA Softball Tournament Brackets

Division III
Bath District

Southwest District 2

Division IV
Greenville Regional

Elida District

Wapakoneta District
Fort Recovery, Marion Local, Minster, New Bremen, St. Henry

2019 OHSAA Track & Field Districts

Division II District at Defiance
First four boys & girls in each event qualify to the Regional in Piqua.
14. Coldwater 18
Regional Qualifiers
300 Meter Hurdles: 4. Tyler Schwieterman, Coldwater
Pole Vault: 3. Galen Backs, Coldwater

1. Coldwater 78.5
Regional Qualifiers
800 Meter Run: 4. Beth Honigford, Coldwater
1600 Meter Run: 3. Haley Alig, Coldwater
3200 Meter Run: 2. Haley Alig, Coldwater
100 Meter Hurdles 33″: 3. Shelby Giere, Coldwater
4×400 Meter Relay: 2. Coldwater (Sara Honigford/Beth Honigford/Maria Clune/Ava Giere)
4×800 Meter Relay: 2. Coldwater (Haley Alig/Sara Honigford/Beth Honigford/Brittany Walterbusch)
Pole Vault: 1. Jessica Break, Coldwater
Long Jump: 3. Katie Alig, Coldwater
Shot Put: 2. Katie Alig, Coldwater
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Division II District at Piqua
First four boys & girls in each event qualify to the Regional in Piqua.
8. Versailles 42
Regional Qualifiers
Pole Vault: Evan VanSkyock, Versailles
Shot Put: 2. Brayden Keihl, Versailles
Discus Throw: 3. Ben Albers, Versailles

3. Versailles 82
Regional Qualifiers
100 Meter Dash: 2. Ava Moran, Versailles
200 Meter Dash: 1. Ava Moran, Versailles
800 Meter Run: 4. Maria Mangen, Versailles
1600 Meter Run: 4. Maria Mangen, Versailles
4×100 Meter Relay: 2. Versailles (Lucy Prakel/Ali Moran/Liz Watren/Ava Moran)
4×200 Meter Relay: 3. Versailles (Lucy Prakel/Kate Griesdorn/Liz Watren/Ava Moran)
4×400 Meter Relay: 3. Versailles (Kate Griesdorn/Jenna Marshal/Allison Mangen/Liz Watren)
Pole Vault: Lucy Prakel, Versailles
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Division III District at Spencerville
First four boys & girls in each event qualify to the Regional in Troy.
1. Fort Recovery 90, 2. Marion Local 85.5, 4. Minster 77, 9. Parkway 30, 10. St. Henry 29, 11. Delphos St. John’s 21, 14. New Bremen 9, 18. New Knoxville 2
Regional Qualifiers
4×800 Meter Relay: 2. Minster (Luke Barga/Austin Felice/Brady Hoelscher/Alex Albers); 3. Marion Local (Austin Kremer/Aaron Broering/Cody Pohlman/Charlie Huelsman); 4. St. Henry (Seth Brookhart/Blake Ontrop/Blake Beyke/Matthew Rindler)
110 Meter Hurdles: 1. Robby LeFevre, Fort Recovery; 2. Riley Pearson, Fort Recovery; 4. Ryan Post, St. Henry
100 Meter Dash: 2. Robby LeFevre, Fort Recovery; 4. Jared Timmerman, Fort Recovery
4×200 Meter Relay: 4. Fort Recovery (Riley Pearson/Owen Moorman/Brayden Schoen/Jacob Acheson)
1600 Meter Run: 4. Luke Barga, Minster
4×100 Meter Relay: 1. Fort Recovery (Riley Pearson/Jared Timmerman/Brayden Schoen/Robby LeFevre)
400 Meter Dash: 1. Drew Muhlenkamp, Fort Recovery; 2. John Tangeman, Marion Local; 3. Devon Schultz, Minster
300 Meter Hurdles: 3. Austin Wendel, Marion Local
800 Meter Run: 1. Charlie Huelsman, Marion Local; 2. Austin Felice, Minster; 3. Matthew Rindler, St. Henry
200 Meter Dash: 2. Robby LeFevre, Fort Recovery
3200 Meter Run: 1. Alex Albers, Minster; 3. Matt Gaerke, Parkway; 4. Kyle Roth, Parkway
4×400 Meter Relay: 1. Fort Recovery (Owen Moorman/Jacob Acheson/Jared Timmerman/Drew Muhlenkamp); 2. Marion Local (Luke Schwieterman/Austin Wendel/Alex Klosterman/John Tangeman); 4. Minster (Broc Miller/Carson Prenger/Brady Hoelscher/Devon Schultz)
Discus Throw: 2. Braden Ladd, Delphos St. John’s; 4. Sam Huelsman, Marion Local
High Jump: 3. Nick Tangeman, Marion Local
Long Jump: 1. Jared Timmerman, Fort Recovery; 4. Nick Tangeman, Marion Local
Shot Put: 1. Braden Ladd, Delphos St. John’s; 2. Eric Schlarman, Marion Local; 3. Jacob Rindler, New Bremen
Pole Vault: 1. Broc Miller, Minster; 3. Ryan Post, St. Henry

1. Minster 104, 4. Marion Local 72, 5. Fort Recovery 68, 6. New Knoxville 53, 7. New Bremen 47, 9. Delphos St. John’s 30, 11. St. Henry 20, 12. Parkway 18
Regional Qualifiers
4×800 Meter Relay: 1. Minster (Kaitlynn Albers/Ella Boate/Gwen Meiring/Madeline Magoto); 2. Fort Recovery (Kierra Wendel/Cassidy Martin/Ava Bubp/Chloe Will); 3. Marion Local (Kelsey Broering/Becca Rindler/Grace Knapke/Sam Hoelscher)
100 Meter Hurdles: 2. Aubrey Thobe, Marion Local; 3. Jenna Heuker, Minster; 4. Cora Stammen, St. Henry
100 Meter Dash: 4. Rachel Barrett, Parkway
4×200 Meter Relay: 2. Marion Local (Sam Hoelscher/Natalie Rethman/Brooke Homan/Lizzy Homan); 4. Fort Recovery (Abbie Francis/Cassidy Martin/Audrey Guggenbiller/Kierra Wendel)
1600 Meter Run: 1. Kaitlynn Albers, Minster; 3. Chloe Will, Fort Recovery; 4. Mason Pohl, Minster
4×100 Meter Relay: 3. Marion Local (Lynn Schwieterman/Brooke Homan/Lizzy Homan/Natalie Rethman); 4. Delphos St. John’s (Addison Mueller/Melanie Koeing/Taylor Zuber/Elly Wrasman)
400 Meter Dash: 1. Rachel Barrett, Parkway; 2. Cassidy Martin, Fort Recovery; 3. Macy Puthoff, New Bremen; 4. Alana Pohlman, Marion Local
300 Meter Hurdles: 3. Jenna Heuker, Minster; 4. Sam Hoelscher, Marion Local
800 Meter Run: 1. Madeline Magoto, Minster; 2. Kierra Wendel, Fort Recovery; 3. Ella Boate, Minster
200 Meter Dash: 2. Lola Thompson, New Knoxville; 4. Taylor Zuber, Delphos St. John’s
3200 Meter Run: 1. Gwen Meiring, Minster; 2. Mackenzie Bohman, Minster; 3. Chloe Will, Fort Recovery
4×400 Meter Relay: 1. Minster (Kaitlynn Albers/Jenna Heuker/Mason Pohl/Madeline Magoto); 2. Marion Local (Lynn Schwieterman/Brooke Homan/Alana Pohlman/Sam Hoelscher); 3. Fort Recovery (Kierra Wendel/Abbie Francis/Chloe Will/Cassidy Martin)
High Jump: 1. Melisa Waterman, New Knoxville; 2. Elli Roetgerman, New Bremen; 3. Jacklyn Leffel, New Knoxville; 4. Hannah Pack, Minster
Long Jump: 1. Macy Puthoff, New Bremen; 2. Addison Mueller, Delphos St. John’s; 3. Aubrey Thobe, Marion Local
Shot Put: 1. Whitley Rammel, Fort Recovery; 2. Erin Scott, New Knoxville
Pole Vault: 1. Jessica Langenkamp, St. Henry; 2. Lizzy Homan, Marion Local; 2. Vivian Neikamp, New Bremen; 4. Diana Heitkamp, New Bremen
Complete Results

5/16 OHSAA Baseball Sectionals

Division IV Sectional Championship
Delphos St. John’s 5 Columbus Grove 4

Division IV Sectional Championship
New Bremen 3 Marion Local 0

Division IV Sectional Championship
Minster 10 Crestview 1

Division IV Sectional Championship
St. Henry 8 Parkway 1

2019 MAC Baseball All-Conference Teams

MAC Baseball Player of the Year: Jacob Wenning, Coldwater
MAC Baseball Coach of the Year: Coach Brian Harlamert, Coldwater
MAC Baseball Team Champion: Coldwater (9-0)

First Team
Cole Frilling, Coldwater
Noah Miller, Coldwater
Austin Riethman, Coldwater
Jacob Wenning, Coldwater
Riley Post, Fort Recovery
Darrin Hays, Marion Local
Jack Heitbrink, Minster
Jack Olberding, Minster
Spencer Alig, New Bremen
Ryan Bertke, New Bremen
Zach Bertke, New Bremen
Mitchell Hays, New Bremen
Grant Selby, New Bremen
Jack Wehe, Parkway
Rylee Deitsch, St. Henry
Daylen Froning, St. Henry
Jay Knapke, St. Henry
Sam Lefeld, St. Henry
Will Eversole, Versailles
Zach Griesdorn, Versailles

Second Team
Myles Blasingame, Coldwater
Jake Hemmelgarn, Coldwater
Ryne Post, Fort Recovery
Brandon Fleck, Marion Local
Tim Knapschaefer, Marion Local
Ethan Lehmkuhl, Minster
Bryce Blickle, New Bremen
Marc Siefring, St. Henry
Brady Kerner, Delphos St. John’s

Honorable Mention
Coldwater: Zack McKibben; Delphos St. John’s: Lincoln Mueller, Chandler Skym; Fort Recovery: Ian Homan, Kody Shinabery; Marion Local: Kyle Francis; Minster: Adam Ketner, Trent Roetgerman; New Bremen: Justin Tenkman, Patrick Wells; New Knoxville: Brandon VanGundy; Parkway: Breyden Bruns; St. Henry: Ethan Thieman; Versailles: Garrett Toops, Nathan Wagner