2019 OHSBCA Baseball All-Ohio Teams

Division III
1st Team Infielder: Jacob Wenning, Coldwater
Honorable Mention: Cole Frilling, Coldwater

Division IV
Division IV Coach of the Year: Mike Wiss, Minster
1st Team 1st Base: Jack Heitbrink, Minster
2nd Team Pitcher: Spencer Alig, New Bremen
2nd Team Outfielder: Jack Olberding, Minster
Honorable Mention: Rylee Deitsch, St. Henry
Honorable Mention: Mitchell Hays, New Bremen
Honorable Mention: Jay Knapke, St. Henry

Complete 2019 OHSBCA Baseball All-Ohio Teams

2019 OHSAA State Track & Field Championships

State Track & Field Championships at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium,  The Ohio State University, Columbus
Division II
55. Versailles 3
4×200 Meter Relay: 7. Versailles (Ali Moran/Kate Griesdorn/Liz Watren/Ava Moran)
200 Meter Dash: 11. Ava Moran, Versailles
4×100 Meter Relay: 11. Versailles (Lucy Prakel/Ali Moran/Liz Watren/Ava Moran)
Pole Vault: 8. Lucy Prakel, Versailles; 16. Jessica Break, Coldwater
Shot Put: 9. Katie Alig, Coldwater

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Division III

7. Fort Recovery 23
4×800 Meter Relay: 17. Minster (Luke Barga/Austin Felice/Brady Hoelscher/Alex Albers)
100 Meter Dash: 6. Robby LeFevre, Fort Recovery
4×200 Meter Relay: 3. Fort Recovery (Riley Pearson/Jacob Acheson/Brayden Schoen/Robby LeFevre)
4×100 Meter Relay: 3. Fort Recovery (Riley Pearson/Jared Timmerman/Brayden Schoen/Robby LeFevre)
400 Meter Dash: 9. Drew Muhlenkamp, Fort Recovery; 12. John Tangeman, Marion Local
200 Meter Dash: 6. Robby LeFevre, Fort Recovery
3200 Meter Run: 11. Alex Albers, Minster
4×400 Meter Relay: 4. Fort Recovery (Owen Moorman/Jacob Acheson/Jared Timmerman/Drew Muhlenkamp); 9. Minster (Broc Miller/Carson Prenger/Brady Hoelscher/Devon Schultz); 10. Marion Local (Austin Wendel/Alex Klosterman/Luke Schwieterman/John Tangeman)
Discus Throw: 17. Braden Ladd, Delphos St. John’s
High Jump: 9. Nick Tangeman, Marion Local
Long Jump: 8. Nick Tangeman, Marion Local; 11. Jared Timmerman, Fort Recovery
Shot Put: 10. Braden Ladd, Delphos St. John’s; 14. Eric Schlarman, Marion Local
Pole Vault: 11. Broc Miller, Minster

5. Minster 25, 37. New Bremen 5, 53. Marion Local 2
4×800 Meter Relay: 2. Minster (Kaitlynn Albers/Ella Boate/Gwendolyn Meiring/Madeline Magoto); 10. Fort Recovery (Kierra Wendel/Cassidy Martin/Ava Bubp/Chloe Will)
1600 Meter Run: 7. Kaitlynn Albers, Minster
400 Meter Dash: 13. Rachel Barrett, Parkway
800 Meter Run: 2. Madeline Magoto, Minster; 9. Kierra Wendel, Fort Recovery
3200 Meter Run: 6. Gwendolyn Meiring, Minster
4×400 Meter Relay: 5. Minster (Kaitlynn Albers/Jenna Heuker/Ava Grieshop/Madeline Magoto); 7. Marion Local (Lynn Schwieterman/Brooke Homan/Alana Pohlman/Sam Hoelscher); 12. Fort Recovery (Kierra Wendel/Abbie Francis/Chloe Will/Cassidy Martin)
High Jump: 17. Melisa Waterman, New Knoxville
Long Jump: 4. Macy Puthoff, New Bremen; 13. Addison Mueller, Delphos St. John’s

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